Q. What is AVIGNA? 

AVIGNA means remover of obstacles. That is what we do for your business problems.  We are all about  finding solutions as we analyze your  requirements and turn them into efficient solutions by leveraging our distinct business and technical services. 

Q. What types of business services does AVIGNA provide? 

AVIGNA provides business and technology consulting for small, medium and large businesses. Our consulting projects span a range of services from project management, business requirement analysis, system analysis, proposal development, architecture and design, technology evaluation, to engineering and implementation strategy. We serve clients from various vertical market segments like Information Technology, Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Services, Government and more. 

Q. What is AVIGNA’s core competency? 

Providing business relevant services utilizing Network Technologies and Information Security Solutions is our core competency. We analyze, design, implement, and manage solutions for all business impact areas that enable business success. We provide the business and technical expertise required to deliver a high performance, reliable, secure,  economical and business relevant solutions. 

Q. Why should a company consider AVIGNA for its business needs? 

Every business tends to become a leader in their core competency area. AVIGNA ensures that our clients can maintain the focus that their business operations demand. Our services deliver the right resources, analysis and design expertise, integration, and project management skills that ensure that the delivered service is aligned to the business needs. We deliver additional business value to our clients by working very closely with them as their business partners not just another vendor to understand the required skills and expertise for their organization and providing the best solutions to meet their requirements. 

Q. What differentiates AVIGNA from its competitors? 

AVIGNA distinguishes itself in today’s highly competitive business services market by providing highly skilled, highly professional, highly economical resources that have a broad range of industry experience, thereby, ensuring that our resources are well aligned with our client’s business requirements. Other major factor where we distinguish ourselves is the high degree of flexibility we provide to our clients in meeting their project deadlines in the most efficient and economical way. We deliver such value to our clients that makes our cost irrelevant as we provide much higher return on their investments in shortest possible time.